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"Mission Statement"

The Prime Directive

"To identify every Asian female that has ever performed a hard core pornographic act recorded on film, tape or any other storage media that intentionally or inadvertently has been released into the public domain."

The accomplishment of the above "Prime Directive" is a daunting task. In fact almost impossible. So in reality the work at Ginko's Home will always be in progress. The Home is far enough along with its research to allow visitors access to the archives. It is our intension that the data and research always be accurate. Corrections to the data base are possible by utilizing the "Additions and Correction Form." (Click Here)

Remember that "The Prime Directive" is met with accurate identification. While photographs and personal biographical information is nice much of this data will never be located no less verified. An honest attempt will be made to strive for completeness. You are welcome to provide assistance in these regards. In the footer of most pages is a button that will take you to the "Additions and Correction Form." (Click Here)

The foundation on which this site is built is the "Dorm Room." A complete dorm room will have dozens of links and elements of pertinent information. The site already has thousands of links that are subject to going dead and errors in construction. Please help by reporting dead links when you run across them. Report Dead Links by clicking the dead link button in the footer of most pages.

SRR Thread LinkGinko's Home operates on the philosophy that if someone else can do a better job, let them do it. Snowman, at Snowman's Raincoat Reviews, runs one of the best forums on the internet. If you are not already a member you will find that your comments are welcome and flaming is kept to a minimum. No attempt will be made on this site to implement a forum because the "Gold Standard" already exists. You will be surprised to find that the vast majority of all the Asian Porno Hotties (APH) already have a thread started. If none exists you are invited to start one and share your thoughts on your favorite girl.

Another daunting task is keeping up with the movie database. Three good efforts at documenting the industry are the Internet Adult Film Database, the Adultfilmdatabase, and the Internet Movie Database. Their work is commendable and despite overwhelming data, do a marvelous job. I will link to all three of these when appropriate.
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Wikipedia LogoWikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. The number of girls that have Wikipedia pages is amazing. It's a safe bet that eventually all of the more famous girls will have pages, whether they want one or not. This is another opportunity for fans to start or add to historical documents that will be valuable in the future. It does not take much time to get a page started, you can always improve it later.

There is no perfect way to organize this site and the combinations and variations are endless. Their is not compete agreement on who just is an Asian. The main focus of "The Home" will be the American, Canadian and Euro-Asians that produce content for consumption in the United States. There will be separate sections for content filmed in the Philippines, Thailand and Japan. A South Asia section will be maintained for the ladies that trace there origins to that place in the world. A South West Asia section will not be constructed in difference to the sensitivities that this part of the world presently has. In addition a special section has been created to document non-Asians that are often confused with true Asian Porno Hotties and a section for the Import Girls.

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