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Welcome to Ginko's Home for Wayward Asian Girls.

My name is Ginko and I have established "The Home for Wayward Asian Girls." My name is pronounced just like the gingko tree but has a different Kanji and meaning. The literal translation of the gingko tree is "Silver Apricot" while the literal translation of my name, Ginko, is "Silver Serpent." I am the 23rd male in my family to carry that name. This is often a source of much confusion so I thought that we might get that out of the way.

For centuries my girls have provided pleasure and entertainment for gentleman and ladies thru out the world. Beautiful, seductive, exotic and charming have all been used to describe my girls. But make no mistake while their outward appearance my be demure and submissive, when provoked they can be the fiercest and ruthless warriors that the world has ever seen. It is this contradiction that has infatuated men of all races and nationalities and will continue to confound for the ages.

Kanji Ginko
Kanji Gingko



Silver Serpent
Silver Apricot
Photo: Ginko's Home for Wayward Asian Girls Compound

"The Home" is a beautiful compound situated in the mountains next to the sea at an undisclosed location. I am sure that you will understand the necessity to keep the location secret.

It is a wonderful place were all my girls may come when they feel that their work is done and retirement is well earned or when my active girls just need a rest and need to get away from the stresses of their chosen profession.

At "The Home" each girl has their own private room in the dormitory complex. Many of the girl's rooms are open for a virtual tour of their accomplishments. You may access these rooms thru what we call our "Main Campus." The girls have been placed in dormitories by the first letter of their first names. You may also locate the girl's rooms by checking the roster of the year that they graduated into the profession.

Ginko's Home for Wayward Asian Girls has one of the most complete and state of the art recreation complexes in the world. Here the Girl's can relax and enjoy our spa facilities or hone their techniques in games of chance and skill. Woe be the gentleman that sits at a poker table at any casino with one of our graduates.

My youngest son, Ginko XXV, has been put in charge of this complex. He tells me that he has big plans for expanding this activity. His primary job is to take care of the girls but he is also developing activities for visitors of this site to partake in. Please visit our "Game Room" to see what he's up to.

Alumni playing cards
Torii at Ginko's Home

Feel free to roam around the site. You will never know what you'll find until you look. Click on the Mission Statement below for insight on how and why this site was constructed and some ways that you may help make "The Home" a better place.




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